image hero of Fom 2023 Event image hero of Fom 2023 Event

“In a Decarbonized World, Will Freedom of Mobility Be Affordable to a Happy Few Only?”

During the first Freedom of Mobility Forum digital event held on March 29, 2023, an international panel of global experts debated the facts, challenges and solutions for preserving freedom of movement for all in the context of climate change and a decarbonized world. 

If you missed the live event, be sure to watch the replay below!


Key Takeaways from the 2023 Debate



The Freedom of Mobility Forum is designed to provide a public forum for debate that allows experts to bring fact-based perspectives to the table to spark a dialogue and drive insights and possible solutions on how to protect our collective freedom of mobility, while simultaneously mitigating climate change.

Led by Event Facilitator Cecilia Edwards from Wavestone, the panelists represented different geographic regions and stakeholder groups, including academia, climate experts, civil society and NGOs, youth, labor and social dialogue and business.

Understanding the Facts

Understanding the Facts

During the first round, the debaters tackled the following questions:

  • What is the real cost of individual and collective mobility?
  • How does socioeconomic and geographic status impact access to mobility?
  • How does the concept of freedom of mobility vary around the world?

Discussing the Challenges

Discussing the Challenges

During the second round, the debate focused on the following topics:

  • Is there a potential right balance between traveling faster and farther? And at what cost for the people and for the planet?
  • How do the actions of the happy few impact the freedom of mobility of others?
  • Is universal freedom of mobility desirable?

Exploring the Solutions

Exploring the Solutions

In the final round, the discussion centered around potential solutions to making freedom of mobility affordable to the largest number of people possible.

  • Individual CO2 emissions quotas for mobility and consumption
  • The influence of government policies on the accessibility and affordability of mobility in the long-term
  • The different means of standard mobility accessible to all

Q&A and Conclusions

Q&A and Conclusions

Lively exchanges, insightful and constructive views from the panelists animated the debate.

With all participants clearly sharing a passion to preserve freedom of mobility for everyone, each contributed a unique perspective and insights.

There are potential solutions capable of addressing both decarbonization and affordability at the same time. By working to collectively develop solutions that are inclusive of the different perspectives and the needs that exist across the world, and then enabling local adaptations and implementations that serve the needs of specific communities, we can achieve the collective goal of freedom of mobility for many more than a happy few.

Full Replay and Event Transcript


The 2023 Panelists

Image of Mans Nilsson

Måns Nilsson

Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute

Image of Yamina Saheb

Yamina Saheb

Author, IPCC
Senior Energy Policy Analyst, OpenExp

Image of Tamilade Salami

Tamilade Salami

Founder, EcoChampions
Member of the UNESCO SDG4Youth Network

Image of Devesh Shah

Devesh Shah

CEO, Grassroot Trading Network for Women

Image of Carlos Tavares

Carlos Tavares

CEO, Stellantis
Co-Chair, Freedom of Mobility Forum Advisory Board

Image of Benjamin Welle

Benjamin Welle

Director, Integrated Transport & Innnovation
WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

The Event Facilitator

image of Cecilia Edwards image of Cecilia Edwards

Cecilia R. Edwards

Cecilia is a partner at Wavestone, a leading global consulting firm specialized in business transformation.

She has a significant experience leading panels involving corporate leaders, politicians and government leaders, community leaders, and philantropists to cooperate on key societal issues and facilitating discussion groups to drive them toward co-designed and constructive solutions.
She is also former co-host of a monthly podcast focused on the realities of delivering business results in the digital era, sharing insights gained from supporting digital transformations.

Speaking about the Forum, she says:
“This global collaborative transformation effort has potential to have a real impact on our collective quality of life and the future of our planet. I am excited to facilitate the debate and help bring to life new ideas that can have an impact.”