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The Forum and Its Mission

The Freedom of Mobility Forum, initiated by Stellantis and facilitated by Wavestone as a neutral third-party, is an international gathering of passionate problem-solvers committed to fact-based discussions that challenge the status quo, expand perspectives and identify how best to enable safe, affordable and sustainable freedom of mobility for a society facing the implications of global warming. A specific topic is selected for each annual debate based on the following engagement principles:

  • Global view: the forum will follow a 360-degree, interdisciplinary approach
  • Fact-based: relies on proven facts to drive insights and explore new solutions
  • Transparency: the forum is open to the public ensuring that all positions are made available to all
  • Respect above all: attendees must engage in an honest, respectful, and collaborative manner, focusing on the interests of current and future generations

Beyond ideology, the annual debate leverages an interdisciplinary and research-informed approach, integrating all relevant dimensions: social, economic, physical, environmental. The outcomes from each Forum, including actionable next steps for stakeholders to implement in their respective disciplines, are provided in an executive summary published on

Image of Protecting Freedom of Mobility While Mitigating Climate Change Image of Protecting Freedom of Mobility While Mitigating Climate Change

Protecting Freedom of Mobility While Mitigating Climate Change

The Freedom of Mobility Forum offers a platform for open debate through which diverse, expert contributors who represent industry, academia, government and civil society can propose approaches on how to provide ‘freedom of mobility’ for people and the goods and services they need while mitigating climate change​. 

More about the Forum

Who are the sponsors of the Freedom of Mobility Forum?
The Freedom of Mobility Forum is supported by Stellantis, one of the world’s leading sustainable, mobility tech providers. Stellantis considers it important to contribute to the public debate on decarbonized mobility from which all key stakeholders – industry, suppliers, consumers and society – can fully benefit. 

Who should attend the Freedom of Mobility Forum?
As the Freedom of Mobility Forum intends to cover the challenges facing the freedom of mobility for citizens worldwide, its main audience is civil society and the public at large. 

How does the Freedom of Mobility Forum differ from other forums dedicated to sustainable mobility?   
The Freedom of Mobility Forum seeks to:

  • Advance strategic visions, concepts, ideas to better identify, decrypt and understand current trends
  • Listen to the views and positions of all key actors who play an active role in shaping today’s society
  • Open the door to new solutions, constantly innovating and sourcing new concepts to address market challenges in dialogue with stakeholders
  • Foster thought leadership, contributing to the advancement of the global debate on mobility