The Freedom of Mobility Forum is governed by an Advisory Board and facilitated by a neutral third party. A panel of experts joins forces with the facilitator to ensure the accuracy of facts and figures.

Advisory Board

The Forum is steered by an Advisory Board composed of seven diverse, multicultural and cross-disciplinary individuals from different regions and the following sectors:​ climate/economics experts,​ public institutions​, energy providers, mobility providers, civil society/NGOs, representatives of youth​, and representatives of labor and social dialogue.

Members are selected for their high level of expertise, constructive and fact-based approach on topics related to climate change and mobility. The absence of conflicts of interest is also verified with each Advisory Board member.

The Advisory Board’s role mainly consists of: 

  • Proposing an overall strategic framework to establish the Freedom of Mobility Forum as a global reference
  • Selecting the topic of the year, an issue related to a key aspect of freedom of mobility in a decarbonized world
  • Identifying thought leaders and influential experts to participate as debaters

Advisory Board: Working Rules and Principles

Meet the Members of the Advisory Board

Image of Sobel Aziz Ngom Image of Sobel Aziz Ngom

Sobel Aziz Ngom

Co-founder and Executive Director, Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal (CJS)
Global Leadership Council of Generation Unlimited

Sobel Aziz Ngom is the co-founder of CJS, an entrepreneurial alliance of youth organizations, specializing in developing innovative solutions to help solve key learning, socio-professional insertion and inclusion challenges for Senegalese youth. In 2020, the CJS launched “YAAKAAR” – a 20-million-dollar, multi-stakeholder initiative for suburban youth.
In 2016, he received the Jambar Tech award for “Best Social Entrepreneur” of the year in Senegal for his TV program Voices of Youth.
Through his experience in youth development, Sobel has advised and collaborated with African governments, as well as with international foundations, some UN agencies and major corporations.


Image of Carlos Tavares Image of Carlos Tavares

Carlos Tavares

CEO, Stellantis

Carlos Tavares is Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director at Stellantis. With a proud heritage stretching back 125 years, Stellantis is a sustainable mobility tech company that is home to 14 iconic vehicle brands and two mobility service arms.
Carlos Tavares’ career in the automotive industry spans decades and his passion for cars was already sparked as a young teen when he discovered motor racing. Still a driver of fast cars with more than 500 races to his name and keen on leading business innovation, he is at the forefront of the tech revolution, focused on providing clean, safe and affordable mobility while driving Stellantis toward an ambitious carbon net zero target by 2038, ahead of the competitors.


Image of Maria Belen Albornoz Image of Maria Belen Albornoz

María Belén Albornoz

Principal Investigator of the Fairwork Project, Ecuador

María Belén Albornoz is the Principal Investigator of the Fairwork Project in Ecuador. As a Lead Researcher, she is committed to highlighting best and worst practices in the emerging platform economy (covering 40 countries and working in partnership with the ILO - International Labor Organization and several universities).
María’s research for Fairwork focuses on digital labor platforms and AI, exploring the future of work to deliver better and fairer jobs.
She is also a Professor and Researcher at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO-Ecuador).


Image of Massimo Ciuffini Image of Massimo Ciuffini

Massimo Ciuffini

Head of Mobility, Foundation for Sustainable Development

Massimo Ciuffini is an Italian architect specializing in projects related to transportation policies, urban development, and shared and non-motorized mobility. As a designer and planner, he worked on these issues for a variety of Italian cities and, in his hometown of Perugia, he designed the Minimetrò, the first Automatic People Mover in Italy.
He also works as an expert for the Sustainable Development Foundation in Rome and for the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (National Operational Plan Governance). 


Image of François Gemenne Image of François Gemenne

François Gemenne

Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ​
Senior Researcher, University of Liège​ (Belgium)

François Gemenne is an expert in environmental geopolitics and Director of the Hugo Observatory, a research center dedicated to the study of interactions between environmental changes, human migration and politics.
He is involved in a large number of international research projects and lectures on environmental and migration policies in various universities, including Sciences Po Paris and the Free University of Brussels.
He is a lead author for the IPCC report and was awarded the ISDT-Wernaers Prize in 2010 for achievement in the communication of science to the general public.


Image of Kristina Lund Image of Kristina Lund

Kristina Lund

President, Pattern Energy Group

Kristina Lund is leading the inclusive clean energy transition in the U.S. with new technologies to meet customers’ most critical objectives in a sustainable way. She is President at Pattern Energy Group, one of the largest privately owned developers and operators of renewable energy.
During her extensive career in different strategic positions, she became an expert in ESG and gained significant experience in strategy and execution, managing business performance, and achieving the objectives of multi-nationals and stakeholders.

Image of Jaehak Oh Image of Jaehak Oh

Jaehak Oh

President, Korea Transport Institute​
President, Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies

As a leader in mobility transformation in South Korea and East Asia, Jaehak Oh has played a key role in formulating infrastructure policies and fostering the development of innovating transport systems – including automation, electrification, sharing and integration.
He is the President of Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), a national research institute for innovative transport policies and technologies. He has expertise in new regulations, social acceptance and social impact analysis. During the last 30 years, Jaehak has managed more than 70 KOTI transport projects.


Advisory Board members share their thoughts about the Freedom of Mobility Forum

link to advisory board testimonial

Former member of the Advisory Board

Reema Nanavaty, Labor/Social Dialogue Representative

Panel of Experts

This voluntary group of individuals is leveraged to challenge key trends, facts and figures during the debate preparation and supports in the selection process for potential debaters. The panel of experts also contributes to the curated content made available after the debate.

The current Panel of Experts is composed of:


Image of Glynda Bathan-Baterina

Glynda Bathan-Baterina

Representing Civil Society/NGOs

Deputy Executive Director of Clean Air Asia

Image of Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

Representing Labor/Social Dialogue

Professor and Associate Dean of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

Image of Speranta Dumitru

Speranta Dumitru

Representing Academics

Associate Professor of Political Science at Paris Cité University

Image of Gibson Kawago

Gibson Kawago

Representing Youth 

Founder of WAGA and a United Nations Young Leader for the SDGs

Image of Gabriel Plassat

Gabriel Plassat

Representing Civil Society/NGOs

Specialist in thermal engines and fuels at ADEME and Co-founder of Fabrique des Mobilités

Image of Armando Regil-Velasco

Armando Regil-Velasco

Representing Youth

CEO of i2CO: School of Transformative Leadership and Founder of IPEA

Former member of the Panel of Experts

Stephen Edwards, representing Civil Society and NGOs

Forum Facilitator

Wavestone, as a neutral third party, has the following roles:

  • Constitution and functioning of the Advisory Board
    • Constitute the Advisory Board​
    • Act as an enabler to allow each Advisory Board member to best express their opinions during Advisory Board meetings​
    • Organize relations between Advisory Board members: facilitate decision-making and guarantee high-quality interactions during and between Advisory Board meetings​

  • Preparation and organization of the debate
    • Organize the process for identification of debaters: suggest, in the same way as for the Advisory Board members and the Panel of Experts, a list of potential debaters, and ensure representativeness of the various categories of stakeholders. Organize the voting process for Advisory Board members to choose the final list of debaters
    • Prepare the public debate with the debaters​
    • Host the public debate and prepare key takeaways as well as organize curated contents which are produced after each debate and made public on the Forum website